Poke Cleveland is a fast casual restaurant in Highland Heights, Ohio serving high quality ingredients.

We deal with locally sourced sushi grade tuna and salmon, delivered multiple times a week to ensure freshness. We also serve pre cooked options like shrimp, grilled chicken, and crabstick. We carry tofu as well as a large selection of fruits and vegetables. Poke is not only delicious and filling, but you are not weighted down and have great energy for the rest of your day!

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish dating back centuries. Sailors would bring in their catch and finely cut and cube. The villagers would gather together with items they grew on their farms, make a big pot of rice, and enjoy a feast together. Poke was a very communal meal.

Plenty of Pacific nations do some form of raw fish, served with veggies, and covered in sauce. The Philippines has Kinilaw, they do Ceviche in Peru, Korea has Hoedeopbap, and of course Japan has Sashimi. What separates most regions will be the flavor profile. We have a heavy soy sauce influence, as well as a sweeter take on most. We have a few soy sauces, we have a few with some heat, and definitely a couple that are nice and sweet.

The create your own assembly line style of our restaurant leaves with a multitude of flavor pairings and possibilities. Come on in and give it a try! Even the most hesitant people fall in love with Poke once they try it.

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